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Join the Alief American Federation of Teachers and School Employees

All the professional organizations available to you offer Professional liability Insurance, legal defense and discounts.

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What sets the Alief American Federation of Teachers and School Employees apart from the rest?

  • We have a local office for our members in Alief.
  • We have full time Staff dedicated solely to our members in Alief.
  • We provide fun, informative and free events and workshops to our members on topics that pertain to their everyday working life
  • We ask the members which issues they want us to address
  • We educate and empower our members in their jobs
  • We advocate for you at the local level with your school board, as well as at state and national levels.

What are the Benefits of membership?

  • $8 million in professional Liability insurance per occurance (in case you get sued)
  • Up to $35,000 in Legal Defense Funds (in case your issue requires an attorney)
  • $5,000 in Free term life insurrance for the first year of membership
  • A wide array of benefits and discounts for members and their families:
    • Prescription drug discount
    • Hotel and car rental discounts
    • Auto and home insurance discounts
    • Dining, travel and entertainment discounts
    • AFT plus Loan program
    • Student loan consolidation program
    • Mortgage and real estate program
    • dental and vision discount program
    • Free and discounted legal service for non-work related issues
    • Pet insurance program
    • Magazine, flower, music store and health club discounts



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You'll be glad you did!

Questions? call: 281-589-6644 or email

 Are you a retiree who wants to keep up with your AFT membership?

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